EHRGEIZ is a German company, founded by specialists of the event industry developing high quality products with a unique design and innovative technology for the professional lighting market. Research and development, quality control and product management departments are situated at the headquarter in Karlsbad - Germany. EHRGEIZ lighting solutions are hand-crafted in certified manufacturing facilities following the exact specifications of the company and using only high - quality components from established international suppliers.


EHRGEIZ engineers conduct regular quality checks and audits on the products at the production site. In addition, European test laboratories realize certifications and quality monitoring. Independent tests carried on behalf of organizations like VDE or UL certify the high quality of EHRGEIZ lighting solutions. We pay special attention to produce the most sustainable and environmental products on the market.



EHR·GEIZ ['e:ɐ̯gaits]
German word for ambition. An earnest desire for some type of
achievement or distinction, as power, honor or fame,
and the willingness to strive for its attainment.