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Chroma 40-RGBW

The CHROMA 40-RGBW is a high class washlight. The high-quality manufacturing, and the special developed changeable optics reflect the needed requirements of a product in this class. Furthermore the CHROMA is equipped with 40! LEDs – each providing a power of 15 Watts. Especially architectural applications benefit from an extraordinarily homogenous colour mixture paired with a strong lighting power. The eventCON® system, developed by EHRGEIZ, combines signal and power in one cable and offers a fast and flexible installation – even under adverse circumstances at outdoor use.



  • 40 x 15 Watt RGBW LEDs
  • 30.000 Lumen
  • 5 controllable zones
  • IP65 rating
  • eventCON® system

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SteadyColor™ Dimming


The advantage of the RGBW LED technology is mixing every color to get a wide variety of colors. Furthermore it is a challenge to remain the same mixed colors also if the total brightness changes, because the single color-LEDs have different brightness and cannot be simply dimmed linearly. With the new EHRGEIZ SteadyColor™ Technology we enable the mixed colors to remain the same at each dimming level. No more color shifts by dimming in unwanted shades or adjustment of the single colors.

Quality Colors


The CHROMA 40-RGBW uses the well-established and powerful 15W RGBW LEDs. The primary colors (red @ 630nm, true green @ 520nm and deep blue @ 453nm) create a very wide color gamut. All fixtures are calibrated to achieve an equal lighting output for every fixture.

Several Optics

replaceable optics chroma

An incredible beam of 43° and also a uniform color reproduction of the figure. This is all possible due to the special optics of the CHROMA 40-RGBW. Furthermore this fixture can also be ordered with 15° or 21° beam angle.

Wireless DMX

wifiEquipped with a wireless DMX (LumenRadio) receiver. So you are able to follow up difficult installations with DMX controlling. This allows simple communication with DMX network over USITT DMX 512 A protocol.

Flat Design

flat design chromaThe mechanism to tilt the LED Unit with its wide 110° angle gives you the opportunity to get the device in a very low profile height in many applications. It also improves the stability in floor applications without accessory and still has versatile mounting options because of the fl at base with two omega brackets for safe mounting.

IP65 - Out of the box

ip6-klassifizierungNowadays a static fixture must cover all applications if indoor or outdoor, but must remain easy  to handle like an indoor fixture. We combined the best-practice and introduced our new connector technology eventCON™ which combines power and DMX signal in one cable. Also with our light-weight design you don’t have to carry bulky and heavy outdoor fixtures anymore or attach a plate for display to get the IP67 rating. You always have control over the fixture without any tools. This flexible design starting from cable over display to housing, you can now use in the harshest conditions without any limitations.

  • Light source
    • 40 x 15 Watt Class RGBW LED
    • CRI min. 75
    • Rated lumen output: 30.000 lm
    • High Efficiency with typ. 55 lm/W
    • LED life expectancy: approx. 50.000 hours

    Optical system
    • Beam angle 43°
    • Optional lenses in 15° and 21°

    • High resolution dimmer 0-100%
    • Selectable dimmer curves
    • Strobe with variable speed (max. 20 Hz)
    • Pre-programmed random strobe & pulse effects
    • RGBW, 8 or 16 bit color mixing
    • SteadyColor™ Dimming
    • 5 controllable LED zones
    • Seamless CTO
    • Virtual color wheel with 39 colours including whites
      (2700 K / 3200 K / 4200 K / 5600 K / 7200 K / 8000 K)
    • Pattern effects with variable speed
    • Maximum ambient temperature: 45° C (113° F)
    • intelligent fan module

    Control and programming
    • Setting & addressing: 2 x 16 characters LC display & 4 buttons
    • Protocol: USITT DMX-512
    • 5 DMX protocol modes
    • 3-editable programs, each up to 25 steps
    • Stand-alone mode
    • Wireless DMX
    • Firmware update via Update cable
    • DMX In/Out: eventCon®
    • Power In/Out: eventCon®

    Electrical Specification
    • Electronic switching power supply with auto-sensing
    • Input voltage: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
    • Max. power consumption: 620 Watt
    Mechanical Specification
    • IP65 rating
    • Height (LED module up): 300 mm (11.8")
    • Height (LED module down): 155 mm (6.10")
    • Width: 484 mm (19.05")
    • Depth: 233 mm (9.17")
    • Weight: 12.5 kg (27.55 lb)

    • Two M10 insert
    • Four 1/4th turn mounting inserts for two omega bracket
    • Two attachment points for safety wire (handles)

    Included accessoires
    • Cable merger eventCon/Schuko + XLR-3
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  •   Code 200067 - Case for 6x LED Chroma 40-RGBW edgewise
    Code 106599 - Omega Bracket Set (2 pcs)
    Code 114011 - Omega Bracket diagonal
    Code 112383 - Barn doors for Chroma 40-RGBW
    Code 114465 - Antenna Cone IP65 for Chroma 40-RGBW
    Code 200060 - Wireless Solution BlackBox T-1 G5 MK2 DMX/RDM