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AirDMX is a complete DMX control solution for iPads. The software can be used for live lighting controls, for automation at home, or at the Go Theater Mode.

It offers a lot of helpful tools, to make programming and operation of DMX devices as simple as possible. Of course, it offers a complete device library, but also the ability to create own / individual devices. You can create cues and programs and control the devices in groups. Even a Button Panel is available. The app is free to download at the App Store and can be tested before buying the hardware.

For an DMX output the AirDMX A1 box is needed. It works wireless in the WiFi frequency range and can creates one universe via XLR or ArtNet. Thus, you are extremely flexible in application and mobility with the AirDMX.



  • iPad DMX controller
  • Complete solution for everyone
  • Full-fledged DMX lighting control
  • 1 universe with 512 channels
  • Extensive Device Library
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Smart Interface

smartinterfaceThe interface of airDMX is intuitive and like a common design of a professional lighting controller. As you have no hardware buttons and only the multi-touch display of the iPad, you will never suffer of broken hardware parts. Still the display is flexible for the graphical UI to display all necessary information which is currently needed for the lighting programming

Wireless DMX

wirelessdmxWe use a customized IP based protocol to send DMX over IP. The airDMX hardware already has a Wifi interface to be completely flexible without the need of an extra Access Point hardware. You still have the chance to join the airDMX hardware to a local Wireless Network if you want to include in your own network environment. So you have completely control over your lighting fixtures cable-free.

For Everybody

foreverybodyThe airDMX was built up from scratch with every possible user in mind who could be in need of a DMX lighting console. We designed the user interface friendly for novice and experts to achieve an overall positive workflow in lighting programming. It is easy and straightforward and a very low learning curve. In only a few minutes you can even program complex lighting like moving heads.

Fixture Library

fixturelibraryWe have included over 300 Fixtures from all brands worldwide. It is easy extendable with new fixtures by manually add custom fixtures.  With the predefined types of channel attributes and the one screen design, you have in a few minutes created a new fixture and you can use it instantly.

  • Software

    • Free download at the AppStore
    • Create and manage easily new devices
    • Create and manage programs and cues (20 program pages for each 6 programs + cue pages for each 6 cues)
    • Device library with about 300 fixtures
    • Can store up to 16 programs simultaneously
    • Group control. Select and control multiple devices simultaneously
    • Selective save
    • Color mixer, edit level, playback level


    • Can be operated as stand-alone access point or in an existing network
    • Signal strength and connection status easy to read
    • Offers a DMX universe (512 channels) via XLR 3pin or ArtNet
    • Supports ArtNet protocols and can be used as ArtNet node
    • Dimensions: 150 x 118 x 61 mm
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