Also in 2017 EHRGEIZ has a heart for children

December 2017

As in 2016 the EHRGEIZ Lichtetchnik GmbH supported the Kinderlachen e.V. charity gala also in 2017 with their innovative products.

Light designer Sebastian Huwig used besides the established Helios+ 19Z also the new BabyZoom 1 as well as the well-known SuperNova RGBW.

“We are happy to help here. It was now question that we support the event also in 2017. We want to thank the Malkus Veranstaltungs GmbH for their effort they bring into this great event during the last years.” Axel Fischer, Senior Management EHRGEIZ Lichttechnik GmbH.

Since 2000 the Kinderlachen e.V. is supporting ill and needy children in many different ways. Inculding the charity gala the amount of donations in 2017 even topped the 2016 result and reached a sum of more than 526.000 Euros. Thanks for every donation. | |