LichtUnit integrates the EHRGEIZ BabyZoom 1 into a spectacular project

July 2017

The Mall of Qatar is one, if not the biggest and most spectacular shopping and event center in Qatar with a size of 500.000 sqm.

More than 150.000 people were attending the opening ceremony of this mega mall in April 2017. The heart of this big mall is a 360° show stage. The stage provides a place for many various shows of the mall like water and light shows. Up to 25 singers, actors and artists find place on this round stage. The so called Oasis provides technology on a top level.

As one of the highlights besides a great sound system, curved LED screens and waterfalls the Oasis is containing 24 pieces of the new outdoor LED zoom lamp BabyZoom 1. The BabyZoom 1 is equipped with a 60 Watt RGBW LED by OSRAM®, a zoom range from 6 – 45° as well as the SteadyColor® dimming. Due to its IP67 certification and the unique eventCON cable system it offers a stress less installation directly on the water.

LichtUnit from Cologne/Germany was responsible for the technical conception and planning of the Oasis stage. Specialized on audiovisual media technology, digital signage, controlling and networks, LichtUnit is recognized as a manufacturer-neutral consulting company.

The decision to use the EHRGEIZ fixtures was a quick one according to Stephan Flören, CEO of LichtUnit: “The outstanding color mixing as well as the maybe fastest zoom on the market right now combined with the overall great quality of this outdoor fixture were just a few points why to choose it for this project. We definitely have done everything right with this lamp - our customer is very happy. We used 16 of the fixtures to illuminate the artists on stage and 8 fixtures inside the decoration sets. 8 of the units were permanently under water influence. Since the opening in April with now more than 100 shows we had no single failure.

PROJECT: Mall of Quatar [Center Stage  “Oasis” ca 100 x 80 m]
CUSTOMER: PREMIUM PROJECTS is a division of Chris van Kamp Consult UG, Berlin
ORGANIZATION: Licht und (Show)Medientechnik: LichtUnit GmbH
LIGHTING DESIGN: LichtUnit GmbH Stephan Flören, Assistant Udo Rath
PICTURES: LichtUnit GmbH Stephan Flören |