Rea Garvey on Tour with Fusion 2 by EHRGEIZ

December 2018

During September and October 2018, the "Neon" tour of Rea Garvey took place. At the tour stops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the audience experienced the new album by the Irish musician Live.

Besides the great songs the audience was also able to enjoy a great light show.

Lighting designer and operator Christian "Rocketchris" Glatthor created a unique atmospheric light show. For the video-technical part of the show Matt Finke from Loop Light was in charge. Both designers harmonized perfectly and delivered a great show. The complete light and video show was not time code based and therefore controlled live on the run.

One of the eye-catchers beside the classic neon-tubes in the set-up was the new Fusion 2 from EHRGEIZ. A total of 60 pieces of these strong light bars were used for the shows. The Fusions were dropped in eight rows. Each row with six, seamless, connected Fusion. Furthermore, the remaining Fusions were placed vertically from the ground. To give the light of the Fusions a softer character, Christian Glatthor developed a tube diffusor. The diffusor was simply attached on the Fusion via the cover rails.

"Being able to easily attach custom-made diffusers, as I did on the Rea Garvey Tour with a tube diffusor, makes it easy to customize the Fusion 2 to your needs!" Says Christian Glatthor

The "Rockettube" also helps to cover the 20 very bright lenses of the Fusion and transform the stick itself into an object. Nevertheless the Fusion still produces more than enough light output to act as an audience blinder and illuminates every venue with a soft light. Due to the very good color mixing unit, also fine color shades were no problem for Fusion 2.

"The LEDs of the Fusion offer a great color mixture so even pastel-like tones can be created, which is not so easy to achieve with RGB lamps," adds Christan Glatthor.

With the single LED control of the Fusion 2, the seamless connection and the RocketTube Christan Glatthor was able to realize such a great show with pixel free lighting effects.

Also Axel Fischer, Senior Manager at EHRGEIZ Lichttechnik GmbH, was enthusiastic about the show.
"The Fusion2 was set up beautifully on the tour of Rea Garvey. We are very glad that light designers like Christian are dealing with new products and think ahead creating something the RocketTube. We are very pleased with the launch of the Fusion 2 and look forward to the upcoming many other great projects with the Fusion 2 in 2018 and 2019."

Pictures: Christian Glatthor/Rocketchris Photography