Suomi Finland 100 – the largest light installation in the world

December 2017

During the 100 years independence celebration of Finland, the mountain Saana, located around 500 km above the polar circle, will be illuminated in the national color of Finland. This is the largest temporary light installation ever realized.

The illuminated surface is 2.5 million square meters wide. This is a surface of about 350 football fields. The technical supervision and creative head for this unique light installation is the Finnish light artist Kari Kola. With the motto Luminous 100 several light installations were realized in different places in Finland over the last few weeks. This installation marathon found its peak on the mountain Saana.

On his search for the perfect lighting source for this application Kari Kola made his decision after several extreme tests in favor of the Chroma from the German light manufacturer EHRGEIZ. Only EHRGEIZ was able to provide a fixture that was able to resist the icy temperatures from far below -20°C and to produce enough light output on the same time to light up Saana in this brightness.
Overall only 136 pieces of the Chroma were needed. All equipped with special blue LEDs.

Steven Braun, Chief Executive Officer of the EHRGEIZ Lichttechnik GmbH travelled to Finland and says:
“It was a stunning and a unique project under the harshest conditions. The biggest light installation ever and we are proud to be a part of this with our lamps. Even the polar lights came up on this clear and dark night to have a look on the blue shining Saana.”

“For the Luminous 100 project I had a great team and the best fixtures possible for this kind and size of installation. We have realized the biggest, temporary light installation in the world and I am very proud to have with EHRGEIZ such a trustful longtime partner by my side.” says Kari Kola.

Pictures: Christopher Lund