The Europa-Park Arena with EHRGEIZ Lichttechnik

March 2017

When the biggest amusement park in Europe builds something new, they do it right.

Happened at the Europa-Park in Rust with its brand new Europa-Park Arena - a multi-functional arena with space for up to 6000 people. With an overall dimension of 60 per 49 meters and a roof height of 13 meters the arena is a room for gala evenings, conferences or big show, concert and TV events.

Technically the arena offers a lot and contains state of the art technology as the SuperNova RGBW from EHRGEIZ. Overall 40 fixtures were implemented to the roof of the arena. Due to the wide beam angle paired with the enormous lighting power the SuperNova RGBW can be used in a flexible way.

Andreas Peitz, Manager Event Technology, says: „The EHRGEIZ Supernova RGBW fulfils our high requirements at every time. Especially it’s brightness and versatility. We use them as a classic roof light and as an effect light too. With its enormous light output we were even able to surpass our planning requirements and reduce the amount of the lamps and with that the energy costs. Furthermore the pixel free optic fits very well in our concept of the arena.“