The Konfetti Rush festival with Helios+ 19Z

January 2017

At the Konfetti Rush festival in the RWE Arena Oldenburg the Hleios+ 19Z was performing with acts like Mike Carvello or Alpharock.

The Helios+ 19Z took a key role in the lighting setup. Fischer Vent Systems Ltd. who was the responsible company for all technical behaviors, chooses the Helios to light up the audience and the llocation with rich colors and to create magical effects using the LED ring of the Helios+ 19Z.

Jan Fischer, General Manager of Fischer Event System explains: “We have searched a long time for a moving light that fits our needs with a high light output, versatility and a special effects. The Helios+ 19Z is an excellent choice for us for many of our jobs. Due to the strong and very homogenous colors as well as the great pattern mode this small thing can handle big events with ease. On top the eye catching LED ring. Just great.”. |